Brick House Property Inspections

As a firefighter since 1997, currently with a very busy fire department (Hamtramck, Michigan), my entire career has revolved around the safety of others.

I bring my safety experience from the fire department to my inspection business. That is one of the factors that differentiates Brick House Inspections from the others. Beyond the expected system, interior, and exterior checks, we also offer four-gas testing, sewer (camera) inspections, and radon testing for both residential and commercial properties.

The four-gas monitor we utilize is professional-grade, above and beyond the standard home inspection requirements. Sewer line inspection is also a service to inspect for defects, roots, or collapsed sewer.


If you serve as a First Responder or in any branch of the military, whether active or retired, you are automatically eligible for $50 off any service we offer.

Thank you for serving our community and our country.

Radon Inspections Now Available

In addition to sewer and four-gas meter inspections, we are an officially qualified radon inspector.