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A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination and analysis of a home’s structure and systems. Our inspector will identify any material defects or specific issues that may cause unwarranted risk to people or have an adverse impact on the property value.

Residential Home Inspection

A residential home inspection is an extremely helpful resource in the decision-making process when purchasing a home. There are many different interconnected systems and features of a home, all of which are directly impact a home’s overall health. The inspector will evaluate each part of the home, identifying any potential issues, concerns, or recommended repairs.

Commerical Inspection

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Our Home Inspection Process:

There are four basic steps to our home inspection process:

1. Inspector Arrival

The inspector arrives at the property, makes general introductions, explains what is going to take place, and asks about any special questions, issues, or requests.

2. Perform Inspection

The inspection portion of the process includes an in-depth, walk-through inspection of the interior and exterior of the home by our inspector. This involves inspecting all visible areas and reviewing all accessible items and areas. The inspector will address any questions or items of special interest regarding a particular system or structural component at this time.

3. Review Findings

Following the inspection, will provide an on-site picture review of their findings. This allows the inspector time to review any major deficiencies that may have been found and answer any questions the client may have.

4. Written Report

A written report will be generated by our team to include the items discussed during the review. All deficiencies and maintenance recommendations will be documented in the inspection report. This report will be electronically delivered to the client and agent the following business day.

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