Brick House Inspections is now doing Pre and Post Inspections for rental homes or apartments.

By having Brick House inspections perform a complete safety inspection of your rental prior to leasing it out, we can ensure that your house, condo, apartment, or commercial property is safe for occupancy prior to leasing it out with documented proof.

The inspection will also document the property through photos and inspection prior to rental by a neutral party so that you are protected at the end of the lease period.  This will protect you as a landlord from disputes and false claims, therefore, saving you time and money in litigation and unnecessary arguments.

This inspection may include:

Pre Rental
• Furnace inspection (CO, natural gas leaks, oxygen deficiency)
• AC system function
• Water heater inspection
• Roof inspection
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Garage
• Landscape
• Attic
• Basement/crawl space
• Sewer camera inspection
• Check operation of smoke detectors

Post Rental
• Document post photos
• Check for unauthorized alterations of the home
• Check for the proper function of the furnace and AC
• Check operation of smoke detectors
• Landscape changes

As a firefighter lieutenant in the heart of Detroit, safety for all is how we build our reputation. Call us today to schedule your inspection at 810.964.7798.