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Professional Residential & Commercial Inspectors for Livonia, Michigan

Your property investment, whether it’s residential or commercial, is a crucial economic event for a majority of buyers. Knowledge is power, and it’s prudent to know what you’re procuring BEFORE you invest and before it’s far too late.  Our services such as electrical box inspections and water pressure inspections are simply a few of the systems we comprehensively inspect.

Our task is to look past the cursory observation to ensure that you make an educated judgment. Most assessments do not end up being deal breakers in the last purchase. The majority of situations that do reveal issues are typically handled with the seller and the buyer.

When there is a “surprise” exposed at the time of the examination, such as a collapsed sewer or a split heat exchanger, those can be bothersome for a new property owner.

Contact Brick House Inspections today for your peace of mind, whether your property is residential or commercial in Wayne County. Our training in safety measures, as well as years of experience as a professional firefighter, could very well be life-saving and also save you 1000s of dollars.